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Dear City of Choice Travel

Dear City of Choice Travel, Jeenesha, Aussie, Guru and Brenda
From the very onset of contacting City of Choice Travel, I had had nothing but the very best customer care and excellent service.

Thank you for putting together the most memorable holiday for my family and I, especially so as this holiday was a gift to my mum who celebrates her 60th Birthday in May this year. Being our first trip overseas , we were a bit apprehensive as to what to expect, but you and your team had put all our concerns to rest. From the very first moment that we stepped off the plane in Dubai we were treated like queens, and so was the case through out our stay in India. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to all our drivers and tour guides they were outstanding. Their punctuality and willingness to assist us in whatever way they could was so great. I have to make special mention of our driver who met us in Deli Mr Dheer Singh and our tour guide Mahesh Sharma ,

It was Angela’s birthday on the 1ST February 2011. And these two gentleman knowing this actually each bought her a bunch of flowers . They had reduced us to tears by this act of kindness and by telling us that even though we were far away from home that they were our family in India. The hotels that we stayed at were superb with the exception of one. I had honestly expected a lot less from three star accommodation but I was pleasantly surprised. I would definitely recommend City of Choice Travel and Tour to my colleagues, friends and family.
Love and warm regards Malenee Reddy

To Guru

Thank you so much for looking after us so well, you have made Durban feel like home to us and I look forward to meeting you again soon. .
With love and best wishers Denise 12/10/07
God bless you and your families

To City of Choice

Ndoda was very good he knows and understands the Hospitality Industry, He is responsible, passionate and very friendly he is more of a tour guide rather than driver but he is a good driver as well we had a jolly tour.
Peggy and Ayanda (Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism)

City of Choice

I am made to believe that City of Choice provides excellent services in every aspect. A lesson got to me by the Hospitality we received from Ndoda. City of Choice Travel provides excellent service. needs more of you,Good Luck
Hopewell Noyingana (SMME Developer and Registra Durban Tourism)

Dear Brenda

We'd just like to let you know again that we really enjoyed our day with you and appreciated your kindness and attention. The Hare Krishna Temple and of cause the dinner at you place and the chance to meet your lovely daughters, Brenda brother, Jeenesha and the whole team of cause throughout the whole day plus the lovely dancer were all high spots in our‚African Experience. Keep in touch ‚and best wishes from
Susan and Oscar. 08/01/09

Dear Guru

Thank you to City of Choice and especially Andile for a great trip. Everything went so smoothly. Natal is beautiful can't wait to come back with my family. Thanks to all for excellent service, good company and lots of laughter. Best wishes!
Christine Klerck(Africa Travel Centre)

Dear Brenda

Well done and many thanks to City of Choice and the team for organizing such a wonderful trip full of fun, laughter and wonderful memories. Keep up the good work. Best wishes!
Chris Fortescue(Africa Collection UK Ltd)

Brenda and Guru

Your service was excellent; you made our experience wonderful and worthwhile. We really enjoyed every moment we spent with you. Thank you and God bless you.
Rebone Sesoko (Southern Sun)
Nthabiseng Monyepao (TEP)
Lerato Masango (Southern Sun)

Dear Brenda

We have had a truly wonderful and memorable trip South Africa and our first experience of KZN. Having been very fortunate to win this trip as a prize everything has been very enjoyable and I have to thank the City of Choice team for their kind help and hospitality throughout. I think that Guru will have some interesting memories of the trip to Mziki with the new roads that he discovered that day and we learnt that a bunny chow was a very special Durban dish We will have great memories of this trip always. All best wishes
Mark Taylor and Ade (24/01/09)

Guru and Brenda

We had a lovely time in South Africa thanks to warm people like yourselves. We can't wait to get back to South Africa again sometime. Hope to see you all again soon! Lots of love.
Samira and Ileana

Dear Andile and Guru

First of all, we would have been stranded without you, not knowing where to go and what to see. After two days with you we had a complete experience of Durban, a very close look at the different cultures. We enjoyed every minute of your wonderful hospitality (we loved the braai and meeting the entire family), your knowledge and your laughter. It was fun and we are sad to leave you, having the feeling we are leaving good friends. We will be back and hope to see you again, all the best to all of you.
Love Kiki and Paul

Dear Friends

I was so very pleased with the tour, very interesting visit to Phoenix and the guides' company. Thank you
Glen Hayes Harper (SAX)

To Rose

Thank you for the Durban tour. It was fun, professional and informative. I really enjoyed a quick stroll through Phoenix nieghbourhood as well as the BAT Centre, Durban Post Office and Durban Harbour. Thank you, let's do it again.
Rick Andrew
P.S. Andile - the guide was a sweetheart.

To City of Choice Travel

The team was excellent. The refreshments were good and the guides were wonderful.
The Blue Notes

To City of Choice Travel

The tour was wonderful and informative. I love your unity, loved tasting the food, enjoyed visiting Ghandi's house. Keep up the good work.
Chris Arnold Temptations

To City of Choice Travel

We enjoyed the tour. It was very exciting to be part of it. Hope to come back soon.
Love Dennis and Brenda Edwards Temptations

To City of Choice Travel

You guys ROCK! Very informative, humorous, professional, eloquent. May God bless you Many many thanks
From Afropulse Entertainment

Dear Guru and Brenda :

I would to acknowledge my sincere gratitude to you and your staff for having invited me to be part of your inaugural fusion tour of Durban. The experience was exhilarating, informative and inspirational. Your choice of sites were very well chosen taking into consideration the importance of the two main cultural components of Kwa-Zulu Natal viz. the Zulu and the Indian. Your tour guides explained the importance of the sites in a well researched, lively and cordial manner. The entire experience was delivered in a professional manner. These are my ratings and remarks for the various aspects of the tour experience. 

There is clear evidence that you are conducting your business with a great deal of passion and commitment to the tourist industry. Your contribution in this very competitive industry is indeed praiseworthy and deserves many accolades. May you continue to showcase Kwa-Zulu Natal in a manner that will attract many more international visitors while at the same time contribute to the economy of our country. 

Submitted Electronically
Dr. RT Govender
Director: Arts, Culture & Tourism